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Benefits of Lease Financing

Almost every business must acquire equipment and other items to expand and prosper. Two traditional methods of funding such acquisitions is using money from business checking accounts (working capital) or borrowing the money from your bank. Unfortunately, these methods are not always feasible or desirable.

Leasing provides a practical method of acquisition without having to pay for it all at once. Many experts recommend purchasing items that appreciate in value and leasing items that depreciate as they are utilized.

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Review these practical advantages to Lease Financing:

  • Leases do not appear on your personal credit report.
  • The equipment user avoids depleting daily working capital.
  • The equipment user avoids depleting or exhausting bank lines of credit.
  • The leased equipment pays for itself as it is utilized.
  • The costs associated with a business lease are treated as a business expense.
  • Tax leases can be fully tax deductible.
  • Leasing protects against equipment obsolescence.
  • Lease financing applies to most every capital acquisition.
  • Installation, service, maintenance, supplies, software & other "soft costs" may be included into a single, low monthly payment.
  • Lease payments treated as an off balance sheet item, strengthens the appearance of your company's net worth.
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